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RAYCO 317 is A kind of unique phenolic A, high gloss, UV oil, is designed for single head UV machine. Wrapped in smoke, laser printing, packaging, coated paper, paper of the blues is not convenient to render the single head of UV machine, with no backing out excellent high adhesion properties, adhesive, and low odor, less pollution to the production workshop, make working environment more healthy. With extremely low residual odor, and no heavy metal toxins, bpa content in accordance with the Norwegian government take effect on January 1, 2008 PoHS safety standards. And through third-party certification. BPA since the 1850 s is widely used for commercial purposes, to plastic shatterproof functions, BPA, the annual output is 2 billion pounds, in the United States is very common in daily necessities, found in hard plastic reusable container, including water bottles, food collection tank lining, conduit adhesives, dentists use groove gap filling agent, etc. Its wear-resisting anti-embroidered features make canned food is easy to save, soups and baby food canned food containers in the most commonly used to. But in recent years, the use of BPA has stirred controversy. Now that bisphenol A (BPA) USES such A broad, why the United States government at all levels to kill? At present, research institute, found in animal experiments, BPA will affect reproductive and brain development, and could lead to human heart disease, diabetes, and liver not normal. A growing number of studies found that BPA could lead to a variety of diseases of the body, especially baby bottles used release BPA may cause the baby to produce abnormal hormone secretion disorder and brain development. So banned BPA in baby bottles and suction cup just don't feel strange. In 2008 the FDA and the European food safety authority (EFSA) for the use of bisphenol A (BPA) focus on, and encourage enterprises to look for alternative packaging materials; Canadian government officially announced the BPA for hazardous substances at the same time, and the poisons list. On November 18, 2009, U.S. senator Charles Schumer submitted A requirement within the scope of the entire United States ban on children's food packaging contain bisphenol A new legislation, the United States government at all levels have also lifted the ban, and prompt the general merchants to eliminate BPA in production source to add, undertake social responsibilities to protect the safety of food packaging. Learned the dangers of bisphenol A and the United States are stepping up to the limit with strength, also remind each lose exporters closely related messages of beauty, to prevent unnecessary loss.