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Clothes make the man, human rick glazing

After the us government entities at all levels of bisphenol A in food packaging legislation in succession, on which the shopping small notes and bring about A porch however. On August 5, 2010, the pearl river channel's "today" reported that the shopping receipts, ATM slip contains chemicals such as bisphenol A, the substance exposure may cause cancer. The report, people will often contact shopping, such as ATM slip on the docket, caused a panic. What how ability, bisphenol A can cause so much harm?

Xinhua net data show: "bisphenol A" also known as "chemical", used in the production of shatter-proof plastic, industry also called polycarbonate. BPA is ubiquitous, from water bottles, medical equipment to food packaging, has its shadow. Bisphenol A is A hormone activity of endocrine disruptors, A potential threat to human health. Bisphenol A is mainly harm the fetus, for pregnant women, bisphenol A may lead to fetal abnormalities, for adults, increases the risk of breast and prostate cancer. The harm of infants and children is more big, on the one hand, because their brains are in development, and lack in their body used to neutralize bisphenol A enzymes. Children, on the other hand, time for eating every day 10 times that of adults, this means that they have more opportunities to contact the harmful chemicals into the food.

With the development of The Times, people pursue fashion, pays great attention to packaging, paper products in this commodity full of beautiful things in the world also continue to compete. Have you ever thought, supermarket within various products packing box, elegant magazines, study of textbooks may contain chemicals such as BPA? People to buy goods, children reading books every day, often come into contact with the glazing products, if people from life details precautions, away from the BPA, then health and happiness!

In order to adapt to the demand of the market, the world environmental response and focusing on the theme of the human health, we developed A corresponding one like phenol A series of products. Rick wire mesh series products and UV series of products (RAYCO 317 one like phenol, avoid render out A UV oil, RAYCO 322 unique phenolic A, super out UV oil, RAYCO 361 unique phenol, explosion-proof color UV oil, RAYCO 391 one like A bisphenol A, solvent-free UV oil), bisphenol A (bpa) content in accord with the Norwegian government take effect on January 1, 2008 PoHS safety standard, make us more healthy when contact everyday items.

Clothes make the man, Buddha depends on gold, green packaging, rick glazing!