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Address: Nanmen 3rd street, Hudie 1st Road, Tianxin village, Dongguan city, Guangdong province, PRC

Ecosystem in Rayland
       The natural resources of our planet are limited, and at the same time, different kinds of pollutions inflict the habitats of all kinds of living organisms.  We, the Rayland, should do our best to fulfill the obligation to conserve our living environment through 4 R's. The concept of environmental conservation involves every single one in our factory, Rayland.
        In order to reuse, reduce, recycle, and respond to achieve our goal, in a few acres of spare land by the factory, we raise few pigs, and three cows. While our happy cows graze freely on the green, they actually mow the lawn without using gasoline which brings air and noise pollution to harm ourselves. We also raise some chicken and ducks fed with leftover from our canteen. We use reusable utensils instead of paper plates and disposable chopsticks .We conserve our forest and reduce  garbage by at least 20% to alleviate the serious problem of managing daily waste of our local government.
        In our vegetable garden located next to the lawn, we planned variety of vegetables fertilized with recycled compost of manure produced by our game animals and clipping from our garden. The fresh organic seasonal veggies are brought to the table directly from our vegetable garden not only provide nutritious, healthful and even better taste dishes to our employees but also save energy from transportation. While enjoying their healthful meals filled with delicious grass-fed beef, tender juicy pork, free range chicken and duck with freshly cut vegetables, they simultaneously participate in our important and meaningful mission of environmental conservation.
         Obviously, our campaign is a multi-beneficial process which bring profits to many different aspects to conserve our environment. We surely would insist and maintain the ecosystem in Rayland.